A  Child  Is  Born


I can distinctly recall the events of June 13th, 1991.  That is the day our oldest son, Luke, was born.  Being our first-born, Jackie and I had been anxiously waiting nine months to finally get to meet him.  I vividly remember watching him come into this world, completely in awe of the miracle that is childbirth.  As we awaited him taking his first breath out in this world, his small lower lip began quivering, and within a few seconds a blood-curdling scream bellowed from his tiny body!  I must admit, I was proud that our little man had such a powerful set of lungs!  For the rest of the day, I wanted to hold him and snuggle with our perfect gift from God!  Jackie still says that although she did all the work, I was rather stingy with letting go of our new-born son.  I fondly recall him having a death grip on one of my fingers, and as he gazed for a few seconds into my eyes, he gave me his first smile.  I knew at that moment that my life would never be the same!


In the days after his birth, I wondered what kind of young man he would become.  Would he be athletic… would he love football as much as I do… would he make good grades and go on to have a successful career later in life… would he always treat his mother and grandparents with respect… would he be kind-hearted and good to others… would he be a young man of character and integrity… would he understand the depth of God’s love for him and grow strong in his faith… would he always strive to bring pride and honor to his family name??  All of these questions about my son swirled through my mind in his first few days on this earth.  As the years have passed and he is now in his mid-20s, I can honestly say he has answered all of these questions with a resounding YES!  I truly am extremely proud of the fine young man he has become.  Likewise, I have the same pride, love, and adoration for his three siblings as I have for him, and my heart is just as full of unconditional love for them as well.


As we are now in the Advent season here before Christmas of 2017, awaiting December 25th to celebrate the birth of Jesus, I find myself reflecting on how Jesus’ mother, Mary, must have felt as she was about to give birth to her first child.  Historians estimate that Mary was about 15 years old when the Archangel Gabriel appeared to her to tell her she would conceive a child from the Holy Spirit and her baby would be the son of God.  Imagine today being a young teenager and receiving this news from an angel!  As Mary’s pregnancy advanced and her day of delivery drew near, I can’t help but wonder if she had similar questions about what her newborn son would be like.  I doubt if she envisioned him playing football, but I am confident she wondered if He would be kind-hearted, respectful, hardworking, and grow to be a young man who would bring her much love, pride, and joy.  As her son was born, did she have any idea that He would make the lame to walk, the blind to see, and bring life back to the dead… physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually?  Could she have known that her newborn son, more than any other person who has ever walked the face of the earth, would alter the course of human history?  Did she know that her son would become the perfect role model for human behavior for all time?  Given her simple and humble heart, it is doubtful that she would have envisioned any of these things for the baby boy she brought into this world. 


As the days to Christmas continue to count down, may we each try to be more like Mary.  May we maintain humble hearts, and be open to what God is calling us to do with our lives.  May we also strive to live our lives each day according to the example that Mary’s son, Jesus, set for us 2,000 years ago.  May we treat others as He taught us to… with love, humility, patience, and kindness. Imagine what our world would be like if we all made an effort to live our lives according to these guidelines each day!  This only becomes possible if we are resolved to inspire change in the most important person in this process… OURSELVES!


May God bless you and those you love during this CHRISTmas season!!


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