When God Created CYO


In the beginning… God grew gravely concerned that there was not an organization that could accommodate and serve the thousands of youth across the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. He knew that an organization such as this would require a strong foundation and that the first cornerstone would need to be made up of persons of deep faith, with hearts of gold and the vision to lay the groundwork that would prove to be transformational in the lives of thousands of youth over the years. Through His divine power and wisdom, God built this first pillar as he created Bill Sahm Sr., Bill Kuntz Sr., and Ed Tinder. God smiled as this first cornerstone was in place, for He saw that it was good… on the first day.


God then said, “For the second cornerstone, I shall need a girls and a boys Athletic Director. These two must be tireless workers, highly organized, filled with integrity, loyalty, and a great sense of humor. They must possess great people skills as they will be working with large numbers of people daily. Perhaps most importantly, they must possess a servant’s heart and love for our youth.” So God created Jerry Ross and Bernie Price and smiled broadly (because they had the ability to make Him laugh), and He saw that it was good… on the second day.


Next God said, “I shall need more workers for the third cornerstone. Within the office, I will need an administrative coordinator as well as a director of finance. These two must have the ability to tackle numerous tasks all at the same time, keep their cool in the eye of the storm, and maintain a pleasant demeanor while communicating with others during stressful situations. Their ability to complete their tasks well will be crucial to the overall success of all those around them.” God then thought, “I must also build two more people who will be able to work toward continued development of this organization. They must be hard workers, creative, detail oriented, and they must know how to communicate well and make the most of the resources around them. Getting the ‘good news’ out to others must be their forte, so being able to use all means available will be their gift.” So God created Patty Armbruster, Kris Becher, Jane Elliott, and Christine Metzger, and again, He was pleased. He knew that the third cornerstone was in place… and He saw that it was good… on the third day.


Next God said, “With so many youth, we must have camping opportunities so that our young might see my beauty through nature. I must create a husband and wife team to serve as co-directors of this camp. They will have a pure appreciation of the outdoors, but more importantly, they must love all of my children, with their wide array of abilities and disabilities. They will welcome all as they create numerous fun activities in a faith-filled environment, and they will expertly train counselors each year to make a difference in the lives of these campers.” Then God created Kevin and Angi Sullivan and He smiled, for He knew that the fourth cornerstone was finished. God saw that it was good… on the fourth day.


God then realized that this organization would have athletic competitions that at times would become highly competitive. He knew that there would be a need for some very special people to serve as teachers, leaders, and mentors to His children. God said, “These mentors must understand that they have a very unique platform to lead, nurture, and inspire others as they touch the lives of many in a very profound way. If their job is done well, they will motivate their followers to give their very best to make the most of the gifts with which I have blessed them. The best of these mentors will guide my children along the pathway to my Kingdom and will be positively transformative in their impact on others. These mentors will teach my children that what is most important is that they give their very best, and in doing so, our youth will make their parents, families, friends, and Jesus proud.” In His quest to create these unique mentors, God created Coaches… and He was pleased, for He saw that it was good… on the fifth day.


God was growing weary, but He knew that there was a great need for many more people to moderate various enrichment activities, as well as help run the numerous events of this vast organization. He knew these people would likewise need to be committed, selfless, faithful, and possess servant’s hearts. Since they would not be paid for their time and effort, God committed to filling their hearts with love, joy, and a real sense of happiness knowing that they were doing something kind for someone else. So God sent forth a wonderful mix of people with varying interests and gifts, and He said, “I shall call you Volunteers.” Then God smiled, for He saw that it was good… on the sixth day.


On the seventh day, God let out a big sigh, for it had been a long work week, and He was in need of a good day’s rest. However, He could not help but to look over this wonderful creation with a full heart and a strong sense of joy. And then God smiled, for He saw that it was good… and He declared,                     


“I shall call this creation……CYO.”


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