Safe Environment Training

The Archdiocese of Indianapolis requires that everyone who has regular contact with children in church ministry must participate in a safe environment training program called Safe & Sacred. This requirement is part of the Archdiocese's efforts in providing a safe environment for the children who participate in all of the various ministries of the church. You may access this information on the front of CYO's homepage under the Athletics Link.

If you have any questions about this policy please contact Kristen Leffler, Office of Human Resources, at or (317) 592-4044.

Affiliate Rule

In order to participate in CYO grade school sports, all participants must be either a student enrolled in a Catholic school or a child residing in a household registered in and participating in a Catholic parish.  A participating household is determined by official registration on the parish roster.  However, pastors, at their discretion, may also require regular attendance at Mass and or active participation in the religious education or youth ministry programs offered by the parish.

Athletic Physician Certificate

A CYO  Physical is required for all CYO Participants.  The current certificate must be kept on file at the parish.  This must be done on a yearly basis for all CYO participants.  High School participants are not required to have a physician’s certificate on file with the parish.

CYO Physical Form