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Team Standings
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Division 1A

 St. Simon-Royal700
 St. Luke-White520
 St. Barnabas-Maroon520
 St. Louis de Mont.-Red430
 Mount Carmel-Blue250
 St. Jude-Red250
 St. Pius X-Purple250
 Immac. Heart-Blue160

Division 1N

 St. Maria Gor.-Blue700
 OL Of Grace-Blue520
 St. Eliz. Seton-Navy520
 St. Thomas Aquin.-Yellow320
 St. Malachy-White250
 Christ the King-Gold130
 Holy Spirit Geist-Blue150
 St. Matthew-Red050

Division 2A

 St. Barnabas-Yellow520
 St. Simon-Blue520
 St. Luke-Royal520
 Mount Carmel-Gold420
 St. Jude-White330
 St. Louis de Mont.-Black250
 St. Pius X-White240
 Immac. Heart-White060

Division 2N

 St. Lawrence-Red700
 OL Of Grace-White610
 St. Maria Gor.-Red520
 St. Christopher-Red340
 Holy Spirit, Indy-Green240
 St. Matthew-Black250
 OL Lourdes-Blue160
 St. Joan of Arc-Red150

Division 3A

 St. Simon-White700
 St. Louis de Mont.-White420
 St. Michael, Indy-Red420
 St. Jude-Gold330
 St. Charles-Black330
 Immac. Heart-Silver050
 Mount Carmel-Black050

Division 3N

 St. Michael, Grnfld.-Blue500
 Ss. Fran. & Clare-Navy310
 St. Roch-Gold320
 OL Greenwood-Green320
 Holy Spirit, Indy-Gold140
 Little Flower-Blue030

Division 4A

 St. Luke-Gold700
 St. Charles-Red520
 St. Malachy-Green520
 St. Thomas Aquin.-Blue330
 St. Michael, Indy-Black240
 Christ the King-Black250
 St. Monica-White140
 St. Susanna-Blue050

Division 4N

 Ss. Fran. & Clare-Silver400
 St. Roch-Blue310
 OL Greenwood-White330
 Holy Name-White340
 Lumen Christi-Royal240

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