CYO Enrichment Programs

The Catholic Youth Organization plays a role in the cultural life of the young community. The CYO supports the interests and talents of young musicians, scientists and chess players, by hosting the annual Music Contest, Science Fair and Chess League.

Almost 1,000 aspiring musicians compete in the annual Music Contest. The extensive competition involves some of the finest talent around and culminates with the prestigious CYO Honors Music Recital. You are warmly invited to explore the rich and diverse range of music competition.

The CYO Science Fair is an opportunity for students to individually, or as part of a team, apply skills they have learned during their study of science. Participation in the science fair will allow these young scientists to grow in the areas of problem solving and presentation. It is a unique opportunity to showcase the students’ projects, encourage curiosity, and respect for the environment.

The chess league and postseason competition is an opportunity for youth to sharpen concentration skills in a competitive environment, with an emphasis on fun and enjoyment. Chess is a highly educational activity and studies have shown that youth who play chess do better in school. In fact, chess is part of the school curriculum in many countries around the world. Educators around the world acknowledge that chess is a powerful tool for developing higher order thinking skills, creativity, numerical and verbal aptitude and memory.

The CYO is proud to offer these activities to the Archdiocesan youth.